Architectural & Engineering Services

We always tailor our services to match the scope and needs of the client and the requirements of the project.  On most of our residential projects we provide full architectural, planning and structural engineering in-house.  Larger commercial projects usually require full mechanical, electrical and structural engineering services which we provide through  our outstanding consultants.  We fully integrate their systems into the architectural design while providing full coordination of all services.  In addition, we often provide site analysis, historic needs assessments, landscape design and a host of other services as the project warrants.  Since we design a lot of custom homes, a certain amount of marriage counseling also seems to be helpful!

Expert Witness Services

With a lifelong background in the construction industry, Gerou & Associates has developed budgets, secured financing, navigated complex approval processes and managed every facet of the construction process.  The firm has served as the general contractor on more than thirty construction projects including high-end residential projects, multi-family townhomes and office buildings.

Using his expertise in construction as well as in architecture, Phil Gerou has served as expert witness on numerous legal cases working with a number of attorneys from Denver to Boston to Jackson, Wyoming.  Construction issues usually deal with determining construction defects, especially as they relate to high-end residential and light commercial projects.  Having been general contractor on many large, fairly complex homes throughout Colorado, Gerou is quite familiar with the quality of construction expected and typical for these projects.  The Colorado Rockies present some unique climactic and geological issues which may not be familiar to some contractors or architects.

Working with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, the licensing agency for architects in the state, Phil has reviewed numerous of cases to determine quality of service and standard of care.  While these reports remain confidential, they provide the licensing board with expert testimony based on nearly 40 years of licensed practice in the state. 

In addition to purely legal concerns, Phil Gerou has unique expertise with ethical issues.  Having served on the American Institute of Architects National Ethics Council for six years, he was the hearing officer on cases throughout the country.  When publisher John Wiley & Sons prepared the 2008 Edition of the Architects Handbook of Professional Practice, they requested Phil to author the new chapter on “Ethics and Professional Conduct”.  The National Council of Architectural Licensing Boards (NCARB) also turned to Gerou to write a monograph entitled “Ethics and Professional Rules of Conduct: Distinction and Clarification”.  Both these publications can be viewed on this web site.